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If you’ve been injured in an accident in West Palm Beach, you need a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney to fight for your rights. At W. Price, P.A., we  help injury victims secure the compensation they deserve.

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Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, our office is easily accessible to clients throughout the area. We understand the challenges and stress that come with dealing with a personal injury, and our goal is to make the legal process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. Our West Palm Beach personal injury attorney is committed to providing top-notch legal services tailored to your unique situation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

This law firm deserves and earned a rating of 10. Not only did they offer the ultimate protection and service they also plied us with immeasurable comfort. That are on top! I never had to call them for an update they were always ahead of the curve.
Mr. Price and his team are a real stand out operation. From the second I walked into his office I was greeted with compassion and the entire process was seamless and professional. Please do not hesitate to do business here. What a fantastic opportunity. Thank you again
Mr. Price is very personable and works hard to get the settlement deserved. His Team that I worked with, Michelle and Lara, were terrific in collecting all the information needed to expedite the settlement and got the bills lowered. I highly recommend this Team for your Personal Injury needs.
Mr. Price and his team was amazing. They fought for me every step of the way. If you’re looking for a great lawyer with an amazing team to handle your case, Mr. Price is your guy. Thank you guys so much
I would recommend Bill Price to my friends and family for any of their personal injury needs or concerns. He’s competent, caring, smart and professional. He will guide you through every step of what you’re going through and he and his staff are as responsive as any professional office I’ve ever dealt with.

Featured Services

At W. Price, P.A., we handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

    • Car Accidents: As your dedicated West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, we fight to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries and damages.

    • Truck Accidents: We handle complex truck accident cases with the experience necessary to navigate these challenging claims.

    • Motorcycle Accidents: Our team works tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need for recovery.

    • Slip and Fall Accidents: Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe premises. Our slip-and-fall attorneys can help if you’ve been injured due to negligence.

    • Medical Malpractice: We hold healthcare providers accountable when they fail to meet the standard of care, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve.

    • Wrongful Death Attorney: We provide compassionate support and aggressive representation for families who have lost loved ones due to someone else’s negligence. We will ensure you receive the best care from our wrongful death attorneys.

    • Product Liability: If a defective product has caused you harm, our attorneys are ready to pursue justice on your behalf.

    • Workers’ Compensation: Our West Palm Beach premises liability attorney assists injured workers in navigating the complex workers’ compensation system to secure the benefits they deserve.

    • Bicycle Accidents: As your West Palm Beach bicycle accident attorney, we protect the rights of injured cyclists and ensure they receive appropriate compensation.

    • Personal Injury: Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are committed to securing justice and compensation for those who have suffered due to accidents and negligence.

    • Catastrophic Injury: Our catastrophic injury lawyers have experience in severe injury cases that have life-altering impacts.

    • Dog Bites: We represent victims of dog bites, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their injuries.

    • Child Negligence: We fight for the rights of children who have been neglected or abused, holding responsible parties accountable.

    • Prescription Errors: We hold medical professionals accountable for prescription mistakes that cause harm to patients.

    • Boating Accidents: Our team handles cases involving injuries sustained in boating accidents, ensuring victims receive the compensation they deserve.

    • Construction Accidents: We represent workers injured on construction sites, advocating for their rights and securing the compensation they need.

    • Premises Liability: We handle cases where injuries occur on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, ensuring property owners are held accountable.

    • Bus Accidents: For those injured in bus accidents, we provide experienced legal representation to secure fair compensation.

    • General Liability: We cover various general liability claims, protecting clients from potential legal issues arising from personal and business activities.

    • Professional Liability: Our attorneys defend against professional liability claims, including those against medical professionals, real estate agents, and other licensed professionals.

    • HOA/POA/Condo Liability: We represent homeowners’ associations, property managers, and cooperatives in various litigation matters.

    • Business Interruption: We assist businesses impacted by interruptions, helping them secure compensation for their losses.

Why Choose W. Price, P.A.?

Our West Palm Beach personal injury attorney stands out for several reasons:

Experience: West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

At W. Price, P.A., we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and dedication to personal injury law. Founded in 1995, our firm has over two decades of proven success in handling a wide array of personal injury cases. Our founder, William W. Price, is an experienced board-certified civil trial litigator who has consistently demonstrated exceptional legal guidance, earning the prestigious “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, which reflects very high to preeminent legal ability, experience, and ethical standards.

Personalized Attention

We understand that every personal injury case is unique. That’s why we provide personalized attention to each client, ensuring you receive tailored legal strategies that meet your specific needs. At W. Price, P.A., you will work directly with an experienced attorney who will handle your case from start to finish, ensuring a consistent and focused approach to your legal representation​.

Aggressive Advocacy

Our firm is not afraid to take on insurance companies and large corporations to fight for your rights. We have a track record of aggressive advocacy, ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys are well-versed in the tactics used by opposing parties and are prepared to counter them effectively.

Compassionate Support

We recognize the emotional and physical toll that personal injuries can take on our clients. Our team provides compassionate support throughout the legal process, helping to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany personal injury cases. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way, offering both legal guidance and emotional support​​.

Proven Track Record

With years of experience handling personal injury cases, our firm has developed a proven track record of success. Our accolades and memberships speak to our commitment to excellence:

    • Best Lawyers: Lawyer of the Year 2024: Recognized for our outstanding defense work​​.

    • AV Preeminent Rating: The highest peer rating standard, indicating our superior legal experience and ethical standards​.

    • Super Lawyers: Consistently recognized as top lawyers in Florida through a rigorous selection process.

    • South Florida Legal Guide: Listed as a top law firm in the region​.

By choosing W. Price, P.A., you are selecting a firm with the experience, dedication, and proven success necessary to handle your personal injury case effectively.

Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, don’t wait to seek legal help. Contact our West Palm Beach office today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced personal injury attorney. Let W. Price, P.A. help you get the compensation you deserve. Fill out our online inquiry form or call us to get

Architects / Engineers

Allegations against design professionals are often difficult to litigate. At William W. Price P.A, our attorneys are experienced in representing architects/engineers. We work closely with our design professional clients to ensure that important details are not overlooked and the uniqueness of each case is understood. Give us a call for a free consultation if there

Auto Accidents

Everyone needs uninsured motorists coverage, during COVID-19, we have seen an increase of hit and run cases and this coverage can help you protect yourself in these scenarios. There are over 18 million vehicles registered in Florida (not including those driven here by visitors), and this large amount of traffic increases the likelihood of auto

Boating Accidents

Each year, more boating accidents occur in Florida than any other state. These accidents often result in injuries, deaths and damages to property. If you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident or has had a case filed against you, our team of experienced lawyers is here to represent/protect your best

Bus Accidents

For many people living in Florida, public or mass transportation is a part of everyday life. Sadly, when a bus accident happens, there is usually a high number of injuries or damage to the property involved. It’s important to know that the law limits the amount of time you have to file your bus accident