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Attorney Embraces Faith, Family, Community Service

Faran Fagen | 10/29/20

Although William Price has been an accomplished attorney in Palm Beach County for 30 years, if you ask him, his biggest achievements are the people he's mentored through his community work.

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William Price P.A Has Been Included In Palm Beach Illustrated's 2020 List Of Top Lawyers


We are pleased to inform you that we have been selected by a vote of your peers to be included in Palm Beach Illustrated’s 2020 list of Top Lawyers. This list will appear in the September 2020 issue of Palm Beach Illustrated. Top Lawyers research is conducted exclusively for Palm Beach Illustrated and is not to be confused with localized web-based lists that may appear in other publications.

Business Interruption Insurance

Brian Katz And John Creevy | 10/08/20

Businesses around the world purchase insurance in an attempt to recover from a catastrophe or event that causes their business damage. Usually, those catastrophes and events are weather or fire-related. However, every so often, a non-weather or fire-related event occurs that prevents businesses from operating as they normally due...More info

Employer Liability For Coronavirus Exposure To “Essential” Employees

Joan Cerniglia-Lowensen | 04/17/20

Employers find themselves in the new legal quandary regarding their obligations to their employees in light of the pandemic that is circling the globe. Not surprisingly, the first of many wrongful death actions has been filed against Walmart related to the death of one of its workers alleging willful and wanton misconduct and reckless disregard for the well-being of the employee. In fact, two employees from the same Walmart store died just four days apart.

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No Official Cause Released For Wall Collapse

Jared Werksma | 03/09/16

After a wall collapse at Alexander Lofts at 326 Fern Street in West Palm Beach sent bricks ripping through the William W. Price Law Offices, those inside at the time spoke exclusively to our Contact 5 Investigators about what they believe may have caused the wall to fall.

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