Mistaken Identity: Local Attorney Getting Threats Meant For Someone Else

Ari Hait | 12/03/20

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A West Palm Beach attorney has found himself the target of vicious and threatening emails and phone calls.

And Bill Price said they’re all meant for somebody else with the same name.

Recently, the state of Georgia announced they are investigating a lawyer in Florida’s panhandle, accusing him of voter fraud.

His name is also Bill Price.

According to Georgia’s Secretary of State, that Bill Price “was caught on tape planning to – and encouraging 2 million others to – move to Georgia before the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections and to register and cast a ballot.”

Price is accused of posting a video to social media, educating people how to vote in Georgia without really moving to Georgia.

The video was shown on national news.

Georgia’s Secretary of State said Price went as far as to try to register himself as a Georgia resident, using his brother’s address.

But all of that has absolutely nothing to do with Bill Price who has been practicing law in Palm Beach County for 40 years.

“You talk about a case of mistaken identity,” Price said. “I’m telling you, I never dreamed when I walked in the door, I was going to hit this.”

Price said his office received threatening calls and e-mails all day on Thursday.

“’I hope you die. I hope your staff dies. You’re going to jail,’” Price quoted a few of the emails. “And I can’t even repeat it a lot of it on TV.”

Some of the other e-mails he shared with WPBF 25 News said things like, “I hope you are prosecuted and lose your license to practice” and “You are anti-American and you are what’s wrong with this country.”

Many others he shared were too profane to print.

“We’ve had to contact the West Palm Beach police because people are threatening to do bodily harm to my staff,” Price said.

Price said he and his staff have tried to explain to people that they have the wrong person.

But he said it’s not working.

And the threats have kept coming.

“Nobody is listening to reason,” he said. “I didn’t realize there’s so much hate in the world. I mean, it’s bad.”

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